Trading or Selling with Portal

Looking to Sell or Trade with us? You can book an appointment through the link on the home page or leave your items with us.
If you leave your items we will go through them within five days of reciept. Once the items have been selected we will email to organize payment (see below) and ask that you pick-up your items within five days of completion. Any items not picked up with be donated to Closet Case Thrift Store in North Charleston.
  • We accept current contemporary designer and vintage clothing (sizes XXS-XXL), shoes and accessories.
  • Current clothing must be in perfect condition and no more than 2yrs old.
  • Vintage clothing must be in good condition, no mothballs and have working closures. Vintage for us is defined by items from the early 90's or older.
  • We accept items for the current season only. 
  • You're invited to bring one XL bag or bin of items. (Think Ikea sized)
  • Please don't forget your ID.
  • All trades/sales are final. 



The following Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement (the “Terms”) between you and Portal CHS LLC submitting any items to sell, you agree to be bound by these Terms. You also agree to and accept our Privacy Policy, which describes how we use the information you provide. 

You will receive a Venmo Payment (“cash”), Check or a Trade via a Portal customer account for all items sold. For any items we’re able to purchase, you’ll receive 30% of our selling price in cash via Venmo/Check or 50% in trade. For example, if we price an item to sell at $10, you’ll receive $3 in cash or $5 in trade. 


Portal reserves the right to unilaterally revise and update these Terms at any time without notice. It shall solely be your obligation to periodically review these Terms for any revision and updates. At our discretion, we may notify you of changes by sending an email to the email address associated with your account. 


You acknowledge that Portal, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to limit, suspend or refuse service to any person.


You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age or older and have provided your legal name and valid information. You agree to keep all information up-to-date and understand that you are prohibited from using alter egos or other disguised identities to sell. You acknowledge that you cannot use the same phone number or email address for multiple selling requests under different names. Portal may ask for proof of identification such as, but not limited to, a copy of your driver’s license, military ID or Passport, and may be asked for such proof before your selling request is processed.


When selling your items with Portal, you agree to the prices set for all items (clothing, accessories, jewelry). You agree that you will not be made aware of the prices set by Portal and will not be able to cancel the sale of the items.

You acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the items. If you are not the owner, you’ve been authorized by the owner of the items to sell said items and will indemnify and hold Portal harmless from and against any claim arising from the sale of said items.

Any items that we are not able to purchase that are not picked up by the end of the day will be donated to charity. You acknowledge that you will not be able to change this selection later.


You will receive a percentage of Portal’s resale price in your choice of either 30% Cash or 50% Trade.

Cash can be received through your choice of check or Venmo. Portal is not responsible for privacy or technical issues caused on the part of Venmo.

Portal is not responsible for delays or loss of payment resulting from inaccurate information provided by you. Portal is not responsible for payments claimed by a third party. Portal is not responsible for delay in payment due to technical issues on the part of PayPal. Once payment is transferred to the e-mail address provided, the transaction shall be deemed complete.